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Note from Tendy Mods

From Javi: I am simply a goalie that likes to tinker. I do not have the capability to return the materials once they have been sent to me by my supplier, nor can I guarantee the safety or comfortability of using buckles on skates for you personally, or that they will be compatible with your skates. I have tested the buckles on my skates (Bauer Reactor 6000, Senior Size US 10 Wide) and use them personally without issue, however I do have to protect myself. So please acknowledge and accept the following disclaimer.

Product Disclaimer

By purchasing a product from Tendy Mods, the customer agrees to the following:

Tendy Mods products are sold “as-is.” There is no warranty and no returns. Customer understands and assumes the responsibility for any injury that may occur through the use of our products, and absolves Tendy Mods of any and all liability thereof. Customer shall also understand and assume full responsibility for the possibility that there may be additional wear and tear on other equipment as a result of the use of Tendy Mods products. Hockey is an inherently dangerous sport. Please be safe!

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