Tendy Buckles - UPDATE 2: Goalie Skate Buckle Replacement - Very Positive

Hello again! Back with another update for my experiment with replacing skate laces with buckles on my goalie skates.

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Update #1: First Skate link

I added a fourth buckle on each skate and I had a very positive skate a couple nights ago. I also tested a new way of attaching them through the eyelets, which seems to have worked (you can see in the last pic, I’ve ordered a load of hardware this last week). Haven’t noticed any additional wear on the inside of my pads, which is encouraging it’s not immediately ripping them apart, but I’d expect that to be more of a long term thing if it’s an issue.

I also tried moving the top buckle back up to the top eyelet since there’s four buckles now and was very happy with the results. That was the most responsive I’ve felt my skates, I think since I’ve owned them. So I’m very happy with the progress and thank you everyone for the support and suggestions!!

I’m trying to see if I can find that same support and feel with the 3 buckle setup as that would keep costs down. With 3 buckles per skate, I think the kit would probably be about $100. With 4, probably about $125.

Getting more confident with this setup, and closer to being ready to send some kits to people for testing. Need to see how it works with other peoples’ skates and feet, as everyone is different. I’m in Bauer Reactor 6000’s and I’m on the chunkier side with wide feet. I’m testing one more attachment method and then I think I’d be comfortable getting some kits sent out to others for testing.

Thanks! ~ Javi


Original Reddit Post with additional pictures: https://www.reddit.com/r/hockeygoalies/comments/v9qnl7/update_2_goalie_skate_buckle_replacement_very/

Tendy Buckles - UPDATE 2: Goalie Skate Buckle Replacement - Very Positive
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