Tendy Buckles - UPDATE #1: Skate Lace Buckle Replacement

Update #1 - First Skate

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As promised, here’s my update on the skate lace buckle replacement after my first game using them!

I was pleasantly surprised with the buckles! I think I could dial in the tightness for a little better fit but I will play around with that in the future. As for a first game with them, I had buckles on my left skate and kept the laces on the right so I could feel the difference.

I felt like the buckles provided the same tightness and support as the laces, so I was happy with that. I didn’t feel restriction in the flex of the upper part of the boot like I was anticipating, so I think I got the top buckle tightness where I want it.

The one issue I did have was how I attached the buckles to the skate. The upper buckle attachment on the inside of the skate on the inner side of my foot did bother me a good bit. The metal piece I used to screw into was a little too big and I noticed it on my ankle. It wasn’t digging in, but it was noticeable and not comfortable. So I’ll have to figure out a smaller, less obtrusive way to attach the buckles through the eyelet. Of the 6 attachment points, I only felt the top inner one, so not the biggest problem, will just have to find a solution!

Other than that, I was very happy with the first skate. I’ll put the buckles on my right skate and see if I can find a better way to attach the buckles through the eyelet, at least for the top one.

Someone was concerned with pucks hitting the buckles and damaging them. At least with my pads, everything is covered, as shown in the pics. Pad wear is yet to be seen, but the pics of the inside of my pad don’t seem to show anything bad, but I’ll continue to keep an eye on this. Just a little wet from the ice.

Original Reddit Post with additional pictures: https://www.reddit.com/r/hockeygoalies/comments/v5elhl/update_1_skate_lace_buckle_replacement/

Tendy Buckles - UPDATE #1: Skate Lace Buckle Replacement
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