Tendy Buckles - Skate Lace to Strap Conversion

I’ve procured some parts to convert my skates from laces to ski boot-style straps. I just put them on so I haven’t tried them on the ice yet. First impressions are good, but I am a little concerned about the rigidity of the uppermost strap. I moved it down to the second eyelet and it’s giving me a little more flexibility when I crouch. I’m hoping this works out and I’ll report back with results and how to procure the parts, as long as I don’t break my ankles.

Edit to add: takes about 15 seconds to put on! I also want to see if there’s any additional wear to the inner boot of my pad, and how that could be mitigated.

Original Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/hockeygoalies/comments/v2kznu/skate_lace_to_strap_conversion/

Tendy Buckles - Skate Lace to Strap Conversion
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