Patent Pending Status - Tendy Buckles

Development of the Tendy Buckles universal skate lace replacement kit has reached a new milestone: "Patent Pending" Status!

What does this mean?

A provisional patent application has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect the unique, proprietary design of the Tendy Buckles!.

Tendy Buckles is a unique solution to 'retro-fit' your skates with ski boot-style buckles to provide you with many benefits over traditional laces.  The way we have designed the kit to attach to your skates is designed to provide you unmatched comfort and performance when compared to any other skate buckle solution on the market today.

The internally threaded attachment solution secures the buckle to your skates by meshing with a machine screw on the inside of the eyelet. This design reduces the additional material on the inside of the skate and sits flush with the inner material of your skate.

Tendy Mods is excited to take this step forward in the development process as we move closer to bringing the Tendy Buckles to retail.

Patent Pending Status - Tendy Buckles
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