- Bauer Elite (Junior 3.5) -

"10 year old goalie / parents perspective. They’re great. Very easy to install. Three is fine for a kid skate size. My son loves them and he’s starting to want to buckle them himself. I hover a bit to take sure he tightens them correctly but soon I won’t need to do this.

To achieve consistent results with a ten year old I keep the buckle length adjustment fully shortened / the adjustable buckle length spun in - I do this so my son always starts from the same length. Adults could make micro-adjustments like I do on my ski boots. Kids not so much.

The buckles seat / fit well in the skate boot and do not cause injury or abrasion to the surface. We’ve used them for one tournament and six practices. All is working as described and doing a good job. We’re happy.

Great product!"

- Bauer Elite (Junior 3.5) -
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