Tendy Mods Updates - March 2024

Tendy Mods is excited to announce that all products are now back in-stock!

A note from Javi:

In addition to stock shortages late last year, I took a hiatus for personal matters that extended a bit longer than anticipated.

It has been a few months since orders have closed and there have been a couple hundred individuals that signed up on this notification list. This was truly humbling to see that so many people are interested, and Tendy Mods is making an impact on so many lives!
To be fully transparent, I operate Tendy Mods on my own, outside of my full-time job and other commitments in life, and I have a limited capacity to fulfill large amounts of orders at a time. That being said, I will do my best to fulfill orders in the order they are received and as expeditiously as possible, but I appreciate patience as I work through an expected large influx of orders. I will begin to ship orders immediately starting this week, but I cannot commit to an exact ship date for all orders received at this time. I will keep you updated with fulfillment status until the order is shipped, and I would expect all orders to ship within one month of placing the order.

Thank you for your interest in Tendy Mods, and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!
~ Javi
Tendy Mods Updates - March 2024
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